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Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF)

This non-profit charitable organization is bigger in purpose and more important than any one person or organization. Since its inception in 2002, representatives of the organization have been assisting repossessors’ families in their time of need with hundreds of thousands of dollars being distributed from the fund. 32% of these cases are where the fund was called upon because violent actions were taken against the repossessor while attempting to complete a repossession, some of these cases resulted in the repossessors death. These are alarming statistics. Just as alarming, but perhaps not providing as much shock value, is the fact that another 37% of the fund’s disbursements have been made because of deaths relating to the general health of the repossessor. While the fund cannot serve as a replacement for life insurance coverages, it has been able to offer limited assistance in qualifying cases. Since the fund has been in existence, several of the cases where the repossessor passed away, the fund provided moneys directly to the funeral home, as there was no burial or life insurance to respond and help with these expenses.

In 2011, the RABF Board of Directors established an advisory committee comprised of volunteers from the industry, representing all of the major trade groups, so the purpose and message of the fund could be shared across the industry hoping to eliminate the political ties that bind us all. The RABF now actively fundraises at many of these groups’ annual conferences and continues to work with the trades to bring industry wide acceptance and awareness of the fund.

We would like to take the opportunity to recognize and thank the RABF Advisory Committee Members and RABF Board of Directors for their efforts and volunteer participation in spreading the word, their fundraising efforts and assistance in making disbursement decisions:

  • Ed Marcum, RABF President & CEO
  • Bud Wilkins, RABF Vice-President of Omni Recovery Services Inc.
  • Dana Loan, RABF Secretary & Treasurer
  • John Michel Committee Chairman, RABF Benefit Review Committee: Web Weaver USA, Inc.
  • George Badeen Committee Member, RABF Benefit Review Committee: of Allied Finance Adjusters and Midwest Auto Auction
  • Bennett Deese Committee Member, RABF Benefit Review Committee: of American Recovery Association and Home Detective Company
  • David Baker Committee Member, RABF Benefit Review Committee: of American Recovery Service; A PK Willis Company
  • Marcelle Egley Committee Member, RABF Benefit Review Committee: California Association of Licensed Repossessors and ABA Recovery
  • Michael Howk Committee Member, RABF Benefit Review Committee: of Recovery Specialist Insurance Group
  • We all still have more to do. Imagine if each employee of a repossession company, field or office staff, were to give $10, $5 or even $1 per pay check to the fund. The potential here is enormous. We sincerely appreciate every donation that is received – regardless of the amount.


    None of the individuals or families assisted by the fund woke up thinking that particular day may be their last, or be the last day they were able to work in their chosen profession. The point is they did not know “it” was going to happen to them… and neither do you. You never know when you may be next to receive the call in the middle of the night that your husband, wife, child or employee was injured or killed; none of us know when our number will be up. What we do know is… that as long as the RABF can, they will respond in these moments of tragedy. We also know that they cannot continue this mission without your support!

    Raffle ticket sales for the Dynamic Wheel lift Unit is also an excellent way to donate; attend a repossession industry related event and chances are you will see Mike Reiter there and can purchase raffle tickets $25 each or 5 for $100. Regular monthly donations or donations via credit card can be arranged at www.recoveryagentsbenefitfund.org through PayPal; or checks can be mailed to the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund at PO Box 4102, Manassas, VA 20108. You can give them a quick call to purchase raffle tickets or for more information about donating at (703) 365-0409.

    The Recovery Agents Benefit Fund would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to: Anthony Gentile CEO of Dynamic Manufacturing, for their continued support and generosity. Dynamic has remained a loyal supporter to the RABF by donating wheel lift units to the fund; raffle tickets are then sold by the RABF at various repossession industry events. John Michel of Web Weaver USA for his donation of creating and maintaining the website for the RABF. Mark Smith of Global Printing donates printing services of receipts, envelopes and the raffle tickets each year. Diane Kirzl, CPA, donates accounting services to the fund including annual filings with the IRS and State Department of Taxation. Recovery Specialist Insurance Group who donates professional services to administer the fund.

    RABF is a 100% volunteer organization. No one receives any compensation for their time or participation. Everyone involved with the fund donates their time because they believe in the fund’s purpose and goals. Their contributions to the organization are greatly appreciated. The RABF is a recognized 501c3 charitable organization and donations are tax deductible.

    RABF would like to thank all who have donated in the past. We have created this "Legacy" page for all of our fallen friends, employees and family members. If you would like to submit a "Legacy" please do so by clicking on the RABF Legacy logo.. This page is for anyone related to the repossession industry. Thank you and God Bless.