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    About Professional Repossessor Magazine:
    In the late 1980’s Mark Lacek was the president of the “Florida Association of Licensed Recovery Agents” (FALRA) His wife Debra wrote the articles and published the FALRA newsletters. Mark Noticed that large amounts of space was being called on for advertising. Lacek thought how about a national magazine for the repossession community. Lacek discussed the idea with his wife, and both thought it was something the industry needed. Knowing they would need help, Mark & Debra reached out to their friends John & Kelley Killpatrick. They had no idea on how to create a magazine so they attended the Florida magazine association convention and between the four of them, they attended 16 magazine training seminars.

    The idea of the magazine was brought to the attention of many of the industry leaders who thought it was a bad idea. Many thought the repossession industry was best left in the shadows. Lacek disagreed with many "nay Sayers" and moved forward with his idea. In January of 1990 the first issue of “Professional Repossessors Magazine” hit the newsstands.

    It was not long until Professional Repossessor Magazine (PRM) was a a tremendous success. The magazine was published monthly for over 10 years and at its prime 25 thousand copies were mailed each month. It has been said, Professional Repossessor Magazine was responsible for many changes the industry. Vendors and suppliers finally had a format to showcase their products and services to an industry which was previously hidden in secrecy. More insurance providers came into the market, data brokers and software providers were now available to repossession companies across the country. Truck manufactures changed their designs to help repossession companies provide a higher quality of service, with a primary focus on safety.

    PRM issues highlighted training; certification and public safety, helping new and existing repossession companies provide a higher quality of service to clients. It is believed by many that Professional Repossessor was the leader in creating a more professionals in the recovery industry.

    In early 2016 over 16 years after the last issue was published Allied Finance Adjusters obtained all rights and the trade mark. Allied began publishing the magazine quarterly. The first issue was printed and mailed in the fall of 2016.

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