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The Largest & Oldest National Trade Association of Recovery Professionals in North America. The Only Not-For-Profit True Trade Association to the Recovery Industry Since 1936.   Professional AFA Members as of January 19, 2018259

Allied Finance Adjusters Honorary Members

AFA Honorary Member Guidelines
  • Honorary Member must be a former member of Allied Finance Adjusters and have exited the profession,
  • or someone who has an interest in promoting AFA and its values (local law enforcement, policiticians, etc.)
  • Honorary Member must be sponsored by a current member in good standing.
  • Honorary Member may be accepted as a volunteer to assist AFA in any capacity deemed necessary.
  • Honorary Member will receive the same privileges and rights as an Associate Member.
  • Honorary Members will not be covered under the Employers Dishonesty Protection insurance policy.
  • Honorary Member will be able to attend AFA Conventions.
  • Honorary Member will not be able to attend "Members Only" meetings.
  • Honorary Member must be approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Re-entry into the industry shall cause AFA Honorary Membership to be immediately null and void.

Al Michel
Zephyrhills, FL
Midwest Recovery & Adjustment, Detroit, MI

Discharged from the service in 1946, Al went to work for the Bank of Ohio as a Collections Officer. While working at the bank, Al made friends with Paul Leleu, a member of Allied. Paul suggested that Al apply for membership and join Allied as a repossession agent as they needed a member in Cleveland. Al applied, was approved and left the bank to start his first repo business in 1952. He had an office in Cleveland and one in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1957 the membership for Allied in Detroit was available, Al applied, was accepted and then operated repossession offices in Detroit, Cleveland and Youngstown until 1960. Selling the Cleveland and Youngstown locations, Al moved his family to Detroit in 1961 where he operated Midwest Recovery & Adjustment Service until he retired in 1990. Midwest was one of the first repossession companies in the United States to offer 'Dealer Only' asset liquidation sales to the banking industry. In 1990 George Badeen along with partner George Kernan bought Midwest. George remains the owner today, as well as an 8 time annual President of Allied Finance Adjusters.

Hank Leleu
North Las Vegas
ARB Recovery, Las Vegas, NV

Having been born into the business, it is difficult to remember a time that I was not in some way involved in the repossession industry. My father Paul Leleu was one of the founders of Allied going back to 1936. He started his recovery business in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. As children I remember my dad gathering my brother Paul Jr. and myself up, putting us in the back seat of the car while he and our mom would drive about the city locating and recovering collateral for the new industry they served, then called chattel lending now known as consumer lending. As time marched on and I grew my dad would take me to work with him where I learned how to sweep floors and clean bathrooms. I advanced to light filing and other duties such as cleaning up the storage lot and picking up the dog droppings therein. Later I was allowed the honor of inventorying the personal effects in the recovered vehicles and placing them in boxes for storage and ultimate release back to the owners. Then it was the making of condition reports and other functions of the business. When I received my learning permit to drive I was allowed to ride on the street with the real outside agents where I learned to hot wire ignitions, pick locks, make door calls and skip trace. When I was 16 years old I recovered my first car which is still imbedded in my memory. It was a 1961 Ford Starliner which was located at North Avenue and North Austin in Chicago. In 1965 I entered the US Army and after a 3 year tour of duty I returned home in 1968 and went back to work with my dad. I became interested in Allied in the early 70's and took my first office in 1975 as the Central Division Director. Through the years I can say that I have held every office in Allied Finance Adjusters as well as chaired every committee that was available. I took over the Chicago office for Allied when my dad passed away in 1979. So, as is evident, I guess that it can be said that I was born to an industry that I came to love and respect, literally working my way up from janitor to president and beyond. I would like to say that I hope that God blesses and keeps each of you in this industry safe and healthy forever.

Bob Quintana
Santa Ana, CA
LA Private Detectives, Santa Ana, CA

Mr. Quintana at the present time is married to Cecilia Acosta Quintana for 28 years and is spending most of his retirement time in the state of Florida. His education comes from California State University and various Junior Colleges in the State of California. In 1980 he resigned from the Compton Police Department and enjoyed one year of leisure before he decided to work in the investigation field. In 1982 he received his Private Investigation License from the State of California and soon after he attained his Repossession and Security Patrol License. He began his business as a Private Investigator with L A Private Detectives and Attorney Service. The business lasted until his official retirement at the age of 66. At the end of his career he decided to do what he likes best which is to travel the globe with his wife Cecilia Quintana before his time to retire to a wheel chair. Mr. Quintana stated that he misses his friends in the investigation and repossession industry and from time to time he would like to visit future conventions.

Kay Bishop
Kennesaw, GA
Search & Recovery, Mableton, GA

In 1963 I began working for Atlantic Loans in Columbus Ga and attending business college. In 1964 I met my husband, Dennie Bishop, Jr , who was office manager of Associates Finance. We married in 1965 and after many years , we started our own business, Search & Recovery, Inc in 1977 in Atlanta, Ga Then in 2000 my husband, Dennie, died and I continued running the company until 2009 when I retired. I continue to be interested in the industry as it was so much a part of our lives all these years.

Jeanne Pirro LaLuna
Patterson, NY
Bounty Hunter Recovery Specialists, Inc.

Jeanne LaLuna of Bounty Hunter Recovery has been a proud member of Allied Finance Adjusters since 2009. Jeanne is enjoying retirement yet continues to be available to others who seek her help or advice.

In 1988, Jeanne and her husband Lou started Bounty Hunter Recovery Specialists but were really "hooked" since the 1970's when they learned the business under the guidance of Chuck and Marianne Longobardi of County Adjustment Bureau in Mahopac, NY. Jeanne has seen the evolution of the Repo Man into the Professional Recovery Agent.

Bounty Hunter Recovery continues to receive requests from banks, skip tracers and forwarders and is happy to refer them to Allied agents.