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The definition of a Ghost or Phantom Office:

  • . . . . . .1. A fictitious business location
  • . . . . . .2. The appearance or illusion of an office without material substance
  • . . . . . .3. Non-existent office staff
  • Some recovery trade associations allow their members to advertise/list ghost or phantom offices giving you a false impression that they are located very close to your debtor's home or employment. Some of the downsides to Ghost or Phantom offices are:

  • . . . . . .1. Your collateral may be stored miles away from your customer / debtor for vehicle and personal effects redemption.
  • . . . . . .2. Auction Transporters may have to re-route to another location miles away for transporting of your collateral.
  • . . . . . .3. Lack of storage lot security, or even a storage facility.
  • . . . . . .4. Using a storage facility that is un-staffed.
  • Allied Finance Adjusters believes all offices should have a staffed presence for everyone's protection. All new Members go through a rigorous physical inspection of their office and storage facilities. Allied does not support ghost or phantom office locations period!

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)