$1,000,000 Fidelity Coverage

The Largest & Oldest National Trade Association of Recovery Professionals in North America. The Only Not-For-Profit True Trade Association to the Recovery Industry Since 1936.   Professional AFA Members as of September 20, 2021205

Divisional Directors

  • Billy Whittenton Northeastern Universal Services, NC
  • Kayihan Seran Central Northland Recovery Bureau
    Burnsville, MN
  • John Newberry Southeastern Eagle Eye Recovery, Inc.
    Atlanta, GA
  • Richard Lodan Southwestern Elite Recovery Services
    Beaumont, TX
  • Ryan Vaughn Rocky Mountain Heartland Recovery, Inc.
    Topeka, KS
  • Chad Buchanan Pacific Coast Lenders Recovery Service, San Diego, CA

Allied Finance Adjusters Divisional Directors History