$1,000,000 Fidelity Coverage

The Largest & Oldest National Trade Association of Recovery Professionals in North America. The Only Not-For-Profit True Trade Association to the Recovery Industry Since 1936.   Professional AFA Members as of May 21, 2018286


A Vendor of the Association shall be an officer of a corporation, company owner or employee of a business that provides goods and services to the Association and/or its members.
A vendor shall have no vote on matters presented to the Association and shall not be covered by the association’s client protection bond. A vendor may not hold elected office in the association and may not serve as a committee chair in the association. Vendors may attend meetings of the Executive Committee or Board of Directors by invitation only.

Vendors Providing Goods and Services to the Repossession Industry

Allied Finance Adjusters "Vendor" will receive at No Charge

  • Your company information & logo listed on the Allied Finance Adjusters website "Vendors" page.
  • Your company logo will be hyperlinked to your company website.
  • Provide our members with a discount on products or services and receive a full page ad! The full page placement will be located in the exclusive section of the AFA Website for Allied Members only.
  • All vendors are subject to approval by the AFA Board of Directors

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