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Welcome to the Allied Finance Adjusters Education Center powered by Eagle Group XX (Beta)



These courses are available to non-Allied licensed repossessors.

AFA Members Note:
If you are an "AFA Member" (owner of the company) you are in the wrong place!
Please visit the AFA website and log in to the "Members Area". Once in, select "Allied Education Center." The courses you complete will integrate with your member profile page.

Licensed and Registered Repossessors interested in furthering your education through the Allied Education system you are in the right place.

You will need to register below, and provide us with some basic information so that when you complete a course successfully, we can generate a Certificate of Completion with your name and company.


The courses have been approved by the following financial institutions:

  • American Recovery Association
  • A 1 Nationwide
  • Oklahoma Federal Credit Union
  • Red Crown Credit Union
  • MECU
  • Ally Bank
  • Westlake Financial
  • PAR
  • Numerous Local and Regional Credit Unions
  • NABD Automobile Financial Groups
  • JD Byrider  

Course Overview:

Each course consists of: Study Material and a Final Exam. The courses are open book, which means you can refer to your Study Materials while taking the Final Exam. To pass the course you will need 90% or better. We recommend you utilize the study materials until you feel confidant to pass the Final Exam. The tests are all True/False questions.  

Once you pass a course, you will receive your “Certificate of Completion” via email.

How to take a course:

Download the course; it will be in a PDF format. The download will include the “Study Materials. You must complete reading all study materials prior to taking the test.

Once you complete the materials, you can then take the test. You may take the test more than once. You may then take the Final Exam. If you do not pass the final exam, you can go back and repeat the process.

             Field Agent Compliance Training (FACT)

             Support Employee Compliance Training (SECT)

             Situational Awareness Confrontational Avoidance & De-Escalation Techniques (SACADET)