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Allied Finance Adjusters is proud to partner with RSIG in our ongoing
CFPB Compliance & Education Training program

AFA and RSIG sponsor throughout the year CFPB Compliance & Education Training seminars. These full day events are offered to all clients and members of both trade associations. The CFPB compliance training manual is a joint collaboration between AFA's Education Chairperson and Mike Howk industry relations manager of RSIG.

Mike Howk has been involved in the repossession industry for more than 25 years and is a recognized national expert in repossession law. For years Mike serves as the keynote speaker to associations and groups of clients across the nation to further educate the industry on risk reduction and liability avoidance in repossession and collateral recovery.

AFA and RSIG encourage their members to maintain regular training sessions with their office and field staff to ensure everyone is prepared to deal with these new challenges. Both organizations stand ready to assist their members should questions arise. As the value of training, education and professional development begin to become the cornerstone of every successful repossession business, Recovery Specialist Insurance Group and Allied Finance Adjusters are proud leaders in the industry to help their members position themselves to succeed in this ever evolving industry. As the industry continues to change, we remain steadfast in our desire, intent and ability to assist our growing memberships by continuing to offer these free and most important services and benefits of membership. For more information on attending our training seminars please call our home office at 800-843-1232.